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PLUX VST [MAC + PC Compatible]

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Now Available [MAC OSX + Windows PC COMPATIBLE]

The textures and sounds in this synthesizer derive from the planet "PLUX" in the intergalactic star system "Granularia", located only 3,017,432 light years away from Earth.

  • 26 Other-worldly presets.
  • Gain knob.
  • ADSR knobs (attack, decay, sustain, release)
  • Reverb + Delay knobs.
  • Insanely simple to use.
  • No confusion. Choose a preset and enter another dimension.
  • Patches include bells, string plucks and various textures from the planet "Plux".
  • MAC OS Format AND Windows PC compatible [VST3 and AU] PURCHASE includes download for BOTH versions!
  • 16/44 format
  • Compatible with all DAWS using VST3 and AU (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Protools, Reason, Etc).
  • Instant digital download (not an actual CD)
  • Sound designed from scratch by illmind.